Modern Terminals is a responsible corporate citizen. The core principles of our Sustainability Policy align with our company mission, vision, strategies, brand promises and culture values. This policy is a compass that drives both the sustainable development of our operations and our contributions to the well-being of the communities in which we live and work.


Modern Terminals believes our people are central to the success of our business. For that reason, and to fulfill our mission of being an employer of choice, we believe in caring for and investing in every member of our staff.

We are committed to recruiting, cultivating and retaining a talented, competent and professional workforce whose members enjoy a strong sense of belonging as they live our corporate culture and enable one another to achieve their common goals and grow together with the company.

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Occupational health and safety is the top priority at Modern Terminals. All of us at Modern Terminals assume responsibility for safety and health at work.

We engage with employees, contractors and customers to increase awareness and make continuous enhancements to our health and safety approach.

We have a well-developed occupational health and safety management system in place is periodically benchmarking to global terminals to ensure that best practices are implemented in our terminals.


Engaging with the communities in which we operate is critical to the sustainability performance of our business, and we actively support NGOs in their community initiatives. Our contribution to the community mainly focuses on three areas: youth development, promoting environmental awareness, and promoting sports to lead a healthy life.

Modern Terminals Summer Fitness Programme, our annual community initiative, was launched in 2017 to encourage healthy lifestyles. The programme provides sports training and development activities to children aged 8-14 from low income families in Kwai Tsing and CSA, as well as the children of our employees.

In order to establish a long-term connection with all participants, Modern Terminals Summer Fitness Programme Alumni has been established in 2019 to continue to provide members with sports-related and youth development activities.

Gp Sus Community Summer Fitness
Modern Terminals actively participates in Project WeCan.

The programme is to encourage companies and individuals to partner with Hong Kong’s secondary schools in improving the overall performance of their students.

It covers a wide scope, ranging from enhancing teaching capability and learning motivation in schools through to help with life-goal planning, care and counselling and parent engagement on an individual basis.

Since 2011, we have been supporting the improvement programmes of the Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School. Our funding has helped the school to obtain professional academic assistance from the Chinese University of Hong Kong as well as developed various plans to cater for the students’ needs. We also provide training and exposure opportunities to pupils through many activities, including talks, visits and summer job placements.

Gp Sus Community Project WeCan
Volunteering is a fundamental way of demonstrating a commitment to society.

The Modern Volunteer Force (MVF) was established in 2007 to organise ad-hoc and long-term programmes. While our MVF voluntarily donate their time and energy to serve deserving causes, Modern Terminals also supports with donation matching schemes.




Gp Sus Community Volunteers
In line with our corporate social responsibility commitment, Modern Terminals is an industry pioneer in Hong Kong with regard to web accessibility.

For the best viewing, we suggest using the version of Internet Explorer 11 or above, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. A webpage display may differ between browsers, computers and operating systems.

This website is best viewed at 1366*768 pixels.

This website adopts web accessibility design and meets the Silver Award Criteria of Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme. Should you have any enquiries or comments on its accessibility, please contact us by phone (852) 2115 3838 or email (


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Green Terminal Model

The Green Terminal Model provides a framework for implementing Modern Terminals Corporate Environmental Policy


Caring for the environment by ensuring the sustainability of our existing and future operations is central to Modern Terminals’ Corporate Environmental Policy.

To provide a comprehensive framework for its implementation we have developed the Green Terminal Model and Guidelines. These guidelines set out the structured thinking processes and key actions that we take to address critical environmental issues at various stages of the Port Lifecycle to assess and mitigate our impact on the environment during all our decision-making processes.

Modern Terminals business unit are ISO 14001 accredited. The accreditation shows that the environmental management systems currently in place at Modern Terminals is very effective for minimising and containing environmental impacts as well as facilitating further improvements.



Modern Terminals is committed to achieving a high standard of corporate governance and to implementing best practices. Our sound corporate governance is achieved through transparency, fairness, integrity and accountability. We have a well-defined governance structure in place, and our governance principles and practices are embedded in various aspects of our business. Through a stringent internal control management system, we identify, monitor and mitigate risks.


Modern Terminals is committed to sustainability and we see it as a means of serving our customers, caring for and nurturing the well-being of our people, and contributing to the betterment of the communities in which we live and work.

We are the region’s first container terminal operators to publish a Sustainability/CSR Report prepared in accordance with internationally recognised sustainability reporting guidelines.

Apart from enhancing our transparency we regard sustainability reporting as a valuable self-assessment tool that allows us to review our current sustainability performance and identify areas for future improvement.

You can see the full text of Modern Terminals' Sustainability Reports by clicking on the following links:

Sustainability Report 2020 - 2021


Sustainability Report
2018 - 2019