All Modern Terminals operations ensure products from manufacturing hinterlands are safely on their way to their destinations in the shortest possible time. We operate one of the world's most advanced and productive arrays of container-handling equipment, which we continuously upgrade. This is complemented by cutting-edge information technology systems that enable us to adapt to the industry's ever-changing needs.


DaChan Bay Terminals and Modern Terminals Hong Kong business units are located in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) in South China, among China's largest manufacturing regions.

Modern Terminals group is perfectly positioned for cargo originating in the PRD and we offer customers access to fast, direct and cost-efficient transportation routes, including road and barge transportation networks to and from nearby manufacturing areas in Southern China.


Modern Terminals emphasises teamwork and a spirit of partnership with its business associates in order to deliver high-calibre services and maximum value.

Our terminal facilities boast a line-up of cutting-edge container-handling processes and equipment that offer efficient customs-clearance and cargo-inspection procedures.

DaChan Bay Terminals, the newest container terminal in Western Shenzhen, provides the capacity and efficiency required to service customers' business growth.


As well as container-handling, Modern Terminals offers the shipping community a full portfolio of value-added services.

For example, DaChan Bay Terminals is at the hub of an extensive barge network that covers all of the major river terminals in the Pearl River Delta. It also has on-dock inspection facilities, including some of the world’s most-advanced Radiation scanner for CIQ and X-ray scanner for Customs to expedite container inspections. Significant amount of new warehouse space is currently under construction or being planned.

Our Hong Kong Business Unit offers an on-site workshop for on-dock equipment repairs and provides convenient container repair service. An 12-storey warehouse building with more than 1 million square feet of storage space is located inside the terminal.


Our extensive experience of container terminal development and operation in the region is built around our proven Port Lifecycle Model. This includes processes and arrangement across the entire process of planning, building and operating new facilities.

Its key phases are:

  • Strategic Review – Choosing the Deals
  • Business Development – Winning the Deals
  • Building the Infrastructure – Constructing the Port
  • Building the Business – Launching the Port
  • Operating the Business – Running the Port