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Hong Kong Seaport Alliance to commence initial implementation on 1 April; Port of Hong Kong set to gain enhanced efficiencies

29 March 2019

The Hong Kong Seaport Alliance (HKSPA) announced today that it has finalised its berth and yard planning strategies to provide enhanced services to customers.  It is currently expected that the Joint Operating Agreement of HKSPA will be progressively implemented from 1 April 2019, bringing efficiency enhancements and cost synergy to shipping lines.   

The 23 berths of the members of HKSPA will be divided into three terminal zones to provide greater efficiency to shipping alliances and individual carriers. Under the new arrangement, a number of efficiency enhancements will be introduced. Among them, inter-terminal trucking (ITT) will be significantly reduced, and in many cases, eliminated, which will be an important step in bringing cost savings to customers.           

The HKSPA is actively identifying “best practice” across the four parties, particularly regarding barge services, which is a vital support for our transshipment activities in Hong Kong. Active cross-learning within the alliance will ensure that the benefits of a “terminal neutral” operating model can be achieved and sustained over the long term.            

Formed in January this year, HKSPA aims to strengthen the position of Hong Kong as an international transshipment hub and gateway to China. The alliance consists of four terminal operators: Hongkong International Terminals Limited, Modern Terminals Limited, COSCO-HIT Terminals (Hong Kong) Limited, and Asia Container Terminals Limited.