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ZIM Med Pacific (ZMP) Service Starts Calling at DaChan Bay Terminals

11 April 2017

On 8 April 2017, DaChan Bay Terminals (DCB) has welcomed ZIM Integrated Shipping (ZIM)’s vessel MILANO. ZIM has started a Mediterranean Pacific service (ZMP), which covers Asia, East Mediterranean (Med) Black Sea and Pacific North West (PNW). MILANO is calling DCB for the maiden voyage of ZMP’s West bound service. On 9 April, another ZIM’s vessel, UKRAYINA, has called DCB for the maiden voyage of ZMP’s East bound service.

ZMP is part of ZIM’s new deployment as of April 2017. In addition to ZMP the new deployment on the Pacific Trade offers two All Water services ZCP – ZIM Container Pacific and Z7S – ZIM Seven Stars which also call DaChan Bay Terminals. All of these services are independently operated by ZIM and it allows high level of flexibility to ZIM serving its customers.

ZIM deploys 15 vessels with an average carrying capacity of 4,000-5,000 TEUs on ZMP service. The West bound of ZMP is to focus on Asia – East Med/Black Sea trades and the East bound is to focus on Asia–PNW trade.

ZMP West bound service calls DCB every Thursday while the East bound service calls every Saturday. The port rotation of the service is as below:

DaChan Bay - Port Kelang - Ashdod - Haifa - Istanbul - Novorossiysk - Odessa - Istanbul - Haifa - Port Kelang - Cai Mep - DaChan Bay - Yantian - Xiamen - Ningbo - Shanghai - Pusan - Vancouver - Pusan - Qingdao - Shanghai - Ningbo - DaChan Bay.

Offering connections between Asia and the East Mediterranean/Black Sea, as well as Asia and Pacific North West, this new service at DCB will provide direct calls to all major ports for both importers and exporters in China.

DaChan Bay Terminals welcomes ZIM’s vessels MILANO and UKRAYINA on their maiden calls at DCB on the West and East bound routings of ZIM Mediterranean Pacific (ZMP) Service respectively