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ZIM Offers New Speedy Express Connection between DaChan Bay and Los Angeles

09 June 2020

With its inaugural sailing from DaChan Bay, Shenzhen China, on Monday 22 June, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd (ZIM) will offer a new innovative service for cargo moving between South China and Los Angeles including selective US inland destinations.

ZIM’s new eCommerce Xpress (ZEX) will be loading in DaChan Bay every Monday with cargo available in Los Angeles in 14 days.

Transit time to Chicago in 20 days, Memphis in 19 days, Kansas City in 18 days, Dallas in 20 days and New York in 23 days.

“This new product from ZIM offers shippers in Shenzhen and the rest of the Pearl River Delta one of the fastest connections in the South China market to Los Angeles and US inland destinations.  Designed for time-sensitive cargo, we aim to serve our existing customers and a new segment of the growing eCommerce market with our unique, well-known personal touch”, said Kevin Li, ZIM’s President of South China and Hong Kong.

DaChan Bay is linked to all major manufacturing hubs in South China by reliable, fast and cost-efficient road and barge connections; including Donguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shunde, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, and Zhuhai.

“Our team in DaChan Bay Terminals, the Customs Authorities and other port authorities in DaChan Bay are all committed to providing ZIM and their customers a smooth and efficient experience shipping through our facilities in Shenzhen”, said Brian Yeung, DaChan Bay Terminals’ Managing Director.