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Modern Terminals plants for the environment

24 May 2019

Committed to sustainability, Modern Terminals Limited has been promoting green awareness within and beyond the Company. Recently we have joined several tree planting activities to plant for our environment.

On 11 May 2019, over 30 volunteers from our Modern Volunteer Force (MVF) as well as their families and friends joined 2018-19 Tree Planting Day organised by The Green Earth to enrich the biodiversity of our woodlands under the Country Parks Plantation Enrichment Programme launched by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. With the tireless efforts of the participants, more than 140 seedlings of local tree species were planted at Shek Lung Kung.

In November 2017, our MVF members also joined the trees planting and conservation workshop organised by Hong Kong Green Nature Union and planted some tree seedings at the Pengchau Island reforestation and conservation site. In February 2019, our volunteers returned to the site to conduct conservation including weeding and pruning for the previously planted trees.


2018-19 Tree Planting Day of The Green Earth


Trees planting and conservation workshop of Hong Kong Green Nature Union