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DaChan Bay Terminals Becomes the First Container Terminals in South China with all Berths Providing Shore Power

06 December 2019

On 6 December, DaChan Bay Terminals has become the first container terminal facility in South China offering shore power at all berths with the second phase of the shore power installation officially concluded and accepted by relevant authorities.

The acceptance meeting was joined by relevant authorities including Transportation Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, Transportation Bureau of Bao’an District, Ecology and Environment Bureau of Bao’an District, Development and Reform Bureau of Bao’an District.

Brian Yeung, Managing Director of DaChan Bay Terminals said: “We are proud to have such an achievement which marks a milestone in our continuous efforts to help protect the environment.  We are committed to sustainability and will continue to introduce new initiatives to enhance our performance in this aspect.”

Dong Yanze, Director of Port and Shipping Administration of Transportation Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal said: “Shenzhen port has the largest number of berths with shore power capability in China. The shore power project has the full support of Shenzhen government and we look forward to the participation of other terminals and relevant stakeholders in the development of the Green Port in Shenzhen, and vessels switch to shore power while berthing.”

The second phase of the shore power installation commenced on 25 February 2019 and a  preliminary acceptance was granted in late September by the China Classification Society.

During the test period, a total of three ships have deployed shore power for more than 10 hours.  All data collected were satisfactory reflecting the stability, reliability, and high safety standard of DaChan Bay Terminals’ shore power system.

In order to encourage shipping lines to deploy shore power while berthing at port facilities in Shenzhen, the Transportation Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal has launched an incentive scheme.  

DaChan Bay Terminals is a business unit of Modern Terminals Limited. The core principles of Modern Terminals Sustainability Policy align with the company mission, vision, strategies, brand promises and culture values.   Environmental considerations are an integral part of the company’s culture and decision-making.