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DaChan Bay Terminals Commences Operations of the First Batch of Electric Empty Container Stackers in Shenzhen

14 September 2022

DaChan Bay Terminals today (14 September 2022) commenced operations of two electric empty container stackers enhancing further its decarbonisation efforts.  This is the first batch of pure electric empty container stackers in operations at the terminals as well as in Shenzhen.

The electric empty container stacker is capable of running continuously for more than 12 consecutive hours and only takes one hour to fully recharge.  There is also a built-in energy recovery system.  The technology of the stackers is proven to be mature and on average it consumes only 1 unit (kWh) of electricity with a CO2 emission of 0.96kg for handling a TEU.

These electric empty container stackers can help reduce 45% of carbon emission per TEU while there will be no direct emission of carbon, nitrogen or any particulates at the terminals.  Compared to its diesel-powered counterpart, the electric stacker is simple to operate and offers stability in operations and lower maintenance cost. This has marked another milestone on DaChan Bay Terminals’ decarbonisation journey.  DaChan Bay Terminals was the first container terminal  in the world  deploying full fleet of electric rubber-tyred gantry cranes from commencement of operation in 2007 and also the first in South China offering shore power at all berths in December 2019. 

DaChan Bay Terminals has ordered a second batch of electric empty container stackers which is expected to be delivered in February 2023.