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Modern Terminals Continues to Support Decarbonisation Initiatives

31 March 2022

Modern Terminals is committed to sustainability and has been rendering support to various decarbonisation initiatives. We conclude the first quarter of 2022 with our continuous participations in Earth Hour, as well as the Energy Saving Charter and 4T Charter.

As a long-term supporter of WWF’s Earth Hour, we switched off non-essential lights at our facilities in Hong Kong and DaChan Bay between 8:30pm and 9:30pm on 26 March to help save energy. Staff members were also encouraged to do the same and to live the spirit of Earth Hour by adopting new habits in their daily lives to reduce ecological footprint. 

In accordance with the decarbonisation goals under our Sustainability Strategy, we put forward our aim to eliminate direct greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations by 2030 as an additional pledge for carbon reduction under the 4T Charter launched by the Environment Bureau of the HKSAR Government.

We put forward the decarbonisation goal under our Sustainability Strategy as an additional pledge under the 4T Charter.

Non-essential lights at the office and the canteen in Hong Kong were switched off to support Earth Hour.

Lighting on the building of DaChan Bay Terminals was switched off during Earth Hour.