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DaChan Bay Terminals Welcomes a New Chittagong Malaysia Express Service

09 November 2021

DaChan Bay Terminals yesterday (8 November) welcomed a new Chittagong Malaysia Express service (CMX) of Gold Star Line Ltd. (GSL) calling at the terminals in Western Shenzhen.

The CMX service launched by GSL enhances further the service network in DaChan Bay Terminals and provides even more choices to exporters with cargoes for Malaysia and Bangladesh.  Similar to the India Vietnam Express service (IVX) which was launched earlier in the week, the CMX service also serves as a good option for shippers with goods from Vietnam and are to be transshipped in DaChan Bay Terminals to other parts of the world. 

DaChan Bay Terminals Managing Director Brian Yeung said: “The new CMX service brings Chittagong to our network enhancing further our coverage in Asia. We look forward to launching even more services with our long-term partner Gold Star Line.”

Two vessels are deployed in the CMX service. The service calls DaChan Bay Terminals every Thursday with a port rotation of Haiphong – Qinzhou – DaChan Bay – Port Kelang – Chittagong – Port Kelang – Haiphong.