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Modern Terminals supports Earth Hour 2021

30 March 2021

Over the past 11 years, Modern Terminals has been supporting the Earth Hour organised by WWF. This year is no exception. All of our terminals in Hong Kong and DaChan Bay have joined the event by switching off all non-essential lights from 8:30 to 9:30pm on 27 March.  Staff members were also encouraged to do the same on the date and to live the spirit of “Earth Hour” in their daily activities.  

Besides turning off the lights, Modern Terminals has been promoting environmental protection through different activities. In Hong Kong, a corporate team was formed to support “Walk for The Green Earth”, an event organised by The Green Earth in January and February. Although not physically together, ten of our people finished the 8km walk along Tai Tam or their self-selected route to raise fund for building a “zero-waste” culture in society and to enjoy the beauty of the city’s nature.

At DaChan Bay Terminals, our local volunteer team also participated in an environmental activity on 21 March to raise public awareness on waste recycling. A photo booth was also set up on 24-26 March for colleagues to take photos and share them via social media to publicise the Earth Hour event.

Colleagues in Hong Kong switch off non-essential lights at the office and the canteen to support “Earth Hour”.

DaChan Bay Terminals switches off non-essential lights at the gate. 

DaChan Bay Terminals colleagues take photo at the Earth Hour photo booth.