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Modern Terminals has recently made the recycling of beverage cartons a regular arrangement!

16 March 2021

A Beverage Carton Redemption Scheme was first organised in the summer in 2020 to educate and raise awareness of our people about drink cartons recycling. To encourage participation, a list of environmental-friendly gifts was provided to staff members who have collected certain amount of boxes. Among the gifts were natural bamboo pocket tissue / soft pack facial tissue, tea tree oil hand sanitiser, silicone reusable flexi straw, coffee grounds exfoliating soap, and coconut oil enzymes dish detergent which aimed to encourage people to use products that are environmental friendly in their daily life. A total of 5,562 cartons were collected in two months and were delivered to a local recycler for conversion into paper pulp.

With the overwhelming response to the scheme, we planned to make it a regular effort. We placed two beverage carton recycling bins in our office areas and launched a two-month trial programme to ensure the momentum. We continued to receive good results and hence have officially made it an ongoing recycling practice since January 2021.


Certificates of appreciation


Cartons collected in redemption scheme


Gifts for redemption scheme