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New Expressway in South China Expedites Cargo Movement between Shenzhen, Dongguan & Guangzhou

May 2014

The 89 kilometer long Guangshen Yanjiang Expressway officially opened in December 2013. This new Expressway is expected to facilitate logistics flow between the manufacturing centers in Southern China and container terminals in Western Shenzhen. It will alleviate congestion on the Guangshen Expressway which has been unable to accommodate the rapid urbanization of recent years (i).

Construction of the Expressway began in May 2009, and the Shenzhen section of the Expressway, with a span of 30.45 kilometers, was fully opened at the end of 2013. (i & iii)

Travel time between Guangzhou and Shenzhen is approximately one hour - a 33% reduction compared to the previous route.

The Expressway has an exit with direct access to DaChan Bay Terminals (DCB) in Western Shenzhen. The reduced travel time, direct exit, and fast gate turn times allow trucks to avoid congestion and delays on local roads, resulting in cost, time, and efficiency savings. Less driving miles and reduced idle time also help to mitigate transportation's impact on the environment.

Additionally, the distance between Da Chan Bay and the Shekou Car Park in Qianhai Bay has been shortened from 19.1 km to 10 km resulting in a reduced travel time of 11 minutes from the previous 30 minutes.(iii) The soon to open Qianhai Interchange will further shorten the distance and travel time to around 8.5km and 8.5 minutes respectively.

The Guangshen Yanjiang Expressway begins from national highway G107 in Guangzhou, and ends at Shenzhen's Western Corridor. (ii & iii)


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