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CSR Report

Modern Terminals has always emphasised corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a means of serving our customers, caring for and nurturing the well-being of our people, and contributing to the betterment of Hong Kong and the lives of its citizens.

In 2013, we took our commitment to CSR to a new level by becoming one of the region’s first container terminal operators to publish a CSR Report prepared in accordance with internationally recognised sustainability reporting guidelines.

Apart from enhancing our transparency we regard CSR reporting as a valuable self-assessment tool that allows us to review our current sustainability performance and identify areas for future improvement.

You can see the full text of MTL’s CSR Reports by clicking on the following links:

CSR Report, Jan 2011 – Jun 2013

CSR Report, Jul 2013 - Jun 2015

  1.  PDF version

  2.  DOCX version

CSR Report
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