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Message from Group Managing Director

As we are all aware, our industry has been facing various challenges in recent years.  As we move into 2019, there continues to be uncertainty in world trade including the China-US trade war and Brexit.  We expect the growth of global container trade will slow down but remain positive this year.  

In Hong Kong, in view of the ever-increasing competition from nearby ports and in response to the rapidly evolving needs of our customers, we have worked with three other terminal operators to form the Hong Kong Seaport Alliance to improve the value proposition of the Port of Hong Kong.  The Alliance will enhance efficiencies, optimise utilisation and cost synergies, and improve our overall service offerings to customers, allowing Hong Kong to more effectively compete within the region.  The Alliance will also help reduce carbon emissions and facilitate faster deployment of new technologies to make the Port of Hong Kong a “Smart and Green Port”. 

In DaChan Bay, besides growing our container volume, we are expanding our non-containerised business.  As the only port in Shenzhen that can handle vehicle imports, we have recorded healthy growth in this area and we have also entered into a new business involving the shipping of landfill from excavation sites in South China.   

We are committed to sustainability.  This year, we will conduct our third culture survey which is an important part of our culture journey. We value each member of our company and our efforts to align our company culture with our values will continue. To enhance our own community initiative, we plan to set up an alumni organization for Modern Terminals Summer Fitness Programme to strengthen our engagement with all the participants.

In the coming years, we will work with all our stakeholders to ensure the Hong Kong Seaport Alliance is a great success.

On behalf of everyone at Modern Terminals I would like to thank our customers, business partners, and our team members for all the great achievements we have made together over the past year.  

Peter J. Levesque
Group Managing Director

Message from Group Managing Director
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